Who We Are

Who We Are

World Spine Outreach provides advanced orthopedic spinal and neurological medicine to underserved areas around the globe, irrespective of economics or ideology. The goal of this organization is to provide care to individuals in disadvantaged communities who have little or no access to this level of technology or trained medical personnel. Correction of spinal deformity provides improved quality of life, increased productivity and possibly social acceptability. To retarget care, WSO actively seeks, collects and distributes financial, material and service donations.


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Where We've Been

Members of the WSO team are veterans of multiple medical missions abroad, helping people in the Caribbean, South America, Asia and Africa.

How to Help

World Spine Outreach exists solely on the donations of time, money and energy from people and corporations. Whatever you can share won't be wasted. Reach out with us, help make someone's life better. You'll feel better, too. Guaranteed.